ABWIV: Maria Boscola


My last post discussed the water that appears to be cleaner in Venice’s canals and lagoons, particularly affected by the lack of boats that usually stir up the sediment. This got me thinking about Venetian boats, which led me to one of my favorite boat racers, Maria Boscola.

Known as La Brava for her stupendous feat of taking first place in four of five regattas spanning 44 years, while raising six kids and running a vegetable business, she is still remembered fondly by Venetians today, especially gondoliers and other racers. She is even honored with a portrait that hangs in the Correr Museum (or at least it’s in their collection, though the last time I visited the museum it had been taken down!).

Here’s a video where I share more of her story.


Bella’s painting of the regatta. Is that Maria in the frontrunner’s boat?

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8 Responses to ABWIV: Maria Boscola

  1. Laurie says:

    Thank you for such interesting posts! We need these interesting tidbits at this difficult time, especially to help us stay connected to and supportive of the city we love.

    • Thank you for the feedback! Isn’t it strange to see people walking around Venice behind me in this video? How quickly times have changed, but like you said, it’s good to have some moments of normalcy.

  2. This was my very favorite story in A Beautiful Woman! Glad you brought her back!

  3. Grazie for the fascinating information.

  4. Nancy S. says:

    Great story about a gutsy woman.

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