Sharing: How to Support Venetian Businesses

Rita shared this with me. In these times as we, who are far away, want to help keep Venetian businesses alive, here is a real way to help. Buy a book or just make a donation to Damocle Bookstore, near Campo San Polo.

Damocle published Rita’s books of poetry about Venice, also featuring her husband’s paintings. It’s small, independent bookstores that support writers and artists, so necessary to keep the arts alive!

Dear Friends / Cari Amici

Support our Bookshop

Cari amici lettori, speriamo che stiate tutti bene.

Sappiamo che sono tempi difficili per tutti, noi cerchiamo di continuare a lavorare da casa alla pubblicazione di nuovi libri.

Se volete continuare a sostenere il Bookshop Damocle Edizioni potete farlo ordinando i nostri libri dal sito: oppure se non avete ancora le idee chiare su quali libri ordinare potete acquistare una tra le nostre carte regalo (gift card) spendibile senza limite di tempo.

Se invece preferite inviarci una donazione potete farlo da qui:

Grazie a tutti, speriamo di vederci presto a Venezia.


Dear friends, we hope you’re all well.

We know that these are difficult times for everyone, we try to continue working from home to the publication of new books.

If you want to continue to support the Bookshop Damocle Edizioni you can do so by ordering our books from the site: or if you do not yet have clear ideas on which books to order you can buy one of our gift cards.

If you prefer to send us a donation you can do it from here:

Thank you all, we hope to see you in Venice soon.



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4 Responses to Sharing: How to Support Venetian Businesses

  1. This is really good to know. Thank you for sharing Kathleen. Do you know if they send their books to the US? I’ve been so concerned about the artisans in Venice who really haven’t had much income since the flooding in November. I chose 21 wonderful creatives to list in a Venice Artisan Guide. They all have web sites and will happily mail their product internationally. It would be great if you could share! Grazie mille!

    • Thank you for sharing this list of artisans! I know lots of people who want to support Venice right now, so this gives them more ways to do so. I don’t know about Damocle’s shipping policy; I didn’t see it on the website. I also had the idea of ordering something as a gift and having it sent to a friend in Italy or another part of Europe. Damocle also sells gift cards–buy now, and use it the next time you’re in Venice. 🙂

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