Recreations: Sarra Copia Sulam

Hasn’t Karen captured Sarra Copia Sulam’s look so perfectly? That wistful smile is lovely. Thanks, Karen, for adding to the gallery! I hope this will inspire more people to send me their photos to recreate these beautiful women.

Sarra Copia Sulam lived in the early 1600s in Venice’s Ghetto, first with her father and then with her husband who both supported her education and her literary pursuits. Sarra opened her home to a literary salon, where Jews and Christians were invited to share ideas about history, literature, theology, and more. A number of male scholars attacked or harassed Sarra as a writer and as a Jew, but she also gained support from a number of other prominent men, including Rabbi Leon Modena. This is believed to be her portrait, which Karen has brought back to life for us.

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4 Responses to Recreations: Sarra Copia Sulam

  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve seen some other attempts to “recreate” famous works of art using items around one’s house. They are often very funny. This one is charming.

    • Yes, I’ve heard there’s a challenge where you get only ten minutes to find things in your house for the recreation. Eek!
      Nancy, which of the women can you recreate? I could see you as Morosina Morosini, the Dogaressa in her beautiful gown, or Barbara Strozzi (except neither of them is smiling, which is not like you!)

  2. Karen Cogan says:

    Love it!!!!!

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