Redefining Beauty: Giustina Rossi

2015-07-19 10.18.05

Why have I waited so long to post this video? Giustina Rossi is a Venetian hero and the story from farthest in the past from my collection of Beautiful Women in Venice. I cajoled a stranger on a busy day in Venice a couple summers ago to film me speaking about her. (What a very different scene from now, while Venice is barely emerging from months of lockdown!) While speaking for this video, I’m standing beneath a sculpture of Giustina at her window, just steps away from the Piazza San Marco.

Giustina was a mirror merchant who got fed up with the thugs who wanted to overthrow the Doge. So what did she do? Well, you’ll need to view the video to learn the whole story!



This painting by Gabriel Bella, now in the Querini-Stampalia, shows the melee below Giustina’s window. The guy on the ground is her doing.


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2 Responses to Redefining Beauty: Giustina Rossi

  1. What a great story. Mille grazie!

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