A Giant Among Books

You all know that I’m a big fan of Venice (obviously!), but I’m also a big fan of Laura Morelli and her books set in Venice. Her newest book has just come out, and, though it’s set in Florence (gasp!), I wanted to tell everyone about it.


Laura’s website offers this summary of The Giant:

“As a colossal statue takes shape in Renaissance Florence, the lives of a master sculptor and a struggling painter become stunningly intertwined.

Florence, 1500. Fresco painter Jacopo Torni longs to make his mark in the world. But while his peers enjoy prestigious commissions, his meager painting jobs are all earmarked to pay down gambling debts.

When Jacopo hears of a competition to create Florence’s greatest sculpture, he pins all his hopes on a collaboration with his boyhood companion, Michelangelo Buonarroti. But will the frustrated artist ever emerge from the shadow of his singularly gifted friend?

Based on a true story.”

I’ve ordered my copy and look forward to reading all about Michelangelo, Jacopo, and (gasp!) Florence. (Really, I do love Florence too!) With a background in the visual arts, and her deep knowledge of traditional artisans and their work, Laura brings rich imagery to the page, and her books like The Gondola Maker and The Painter’s Apprentice make me feel like I’m standing in a different time and place. I expect no less from The Giant.

(By the way, if you visit Laura’s website, you can get a free copy of her short story “Bridge of Sighs.” She also contributed a chapter to my book First Spritz Is Free, which you can download for free from the website.)


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7 Responses to A Giant Among Books

  1. blynndav says:

    Congratulations Laura!! And thanks for bringing the book to our attention, Kathleen!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Just what I need, another book to add to the huge stack I already have. Ha ha ha! I’ll put this title on my ever-growing list.

  3. I am a fan of Laura Morelli’s writing and received my copy of The Giant a few days ago. I look forward to the read.

  4. Karen Cogan says:

    Thanks Kathleen! I have read The Gondola Maker and The Painter’s Apprentice… so I look forward to this new one!


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