Venice, Wish You Were Here #11

“We crossed this wonderful bridge yesterday going from the Doges Palace to the prison – we visited some of the dark dungeons of the prisons. Venice is so interesting – We spent over an hour this afternoon on the Grand Canal in a gondola – A.P.”

I love A.P.–taking a gondola ride and visiting the prisons! Yes, I’m sure they visited the Basilica and Doge’s Palace as well, but what did they write about? I wonder if they learned about our man Casanova who did time in that prison? 

This card arrived to my doorstep this week as a gift from one of my readers, Vince G. Thank you, Vince, for adding to my collection of Venice postcards! I am a desultory collector, generally picking up a new card or two each time I go to Venice, never spending much on them. My rule is to limit myself to cards that show Venice and a gondola, plus they must have some writing on them. Vince found this one from 1904 and transcribed the text for me! And it was mailed to Berkeley, California, just an hour north of where I live. How cool is that? Like many of the other cards I have, this one lacks a zip code, showing its age. It’s apparently from 1904.

This is 2550 Dana Street. Looks like 2546 no longer exists. Maybe the house was knocked down and replaced by this building. Across the street are single family homes.

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3 Responses to Venice, Wish You Were Here #11

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Too bad the home isn’t there. Berkeley has so man charming homes.

  2. Bert says:

    The date stamp could be 1904, but it looks a bit more like 1914 to me. But you are nearer to it and you can look at it under a microscope with a bright light. What lovely handwriting! Almost copperplate. Amazing to be a tourist in Venice before WW1. Crossing the Atlantic. I’m assuming that the writer came from the USA, but he or she could be European with a friend in the USA. The addressee was named after her mother, Marietta née Harmon. Marietta (or her mother) was a member of the City and County Federation of Women’s Clubs. Her parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1928. Edwards Stadium was named after her father. She was a member of the Eta chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority in 1907. The stuff you can find on t’Internet!

    • Wow, that’s amazing, Bert! Thanks for adding this layer of information. The eBay seller of the card said it was 1904, and when I look at the upside down stamp at the bottom of the card, that is confirmed.

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