“Just-In-Times” for Christmas

image from the St. Justin’s website

My mom is a member of St. Justin Parish in Santa Clara, California. Her Ladies Guild group has just posted these book reviews of Venice Rising in their monthly newsletter, the”Just-in-Times.” What great reviews!

“Hi Ladies,

I just finished the book Venice Rising and want to share a few thoughts. This is a book filled with hope, resilience, optimism, it is a compilation of 31 individual stories of a people who lived through the ‘Aqua Granda’ in November 2019 and then stepped in the path of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Acqua Alta – high water – in Fall, generally November, the waters rise in Venice, but in the Fall of 2019 the waters rose beyond what very few have ever seen. Clean-up began immediately and then early 2020 the pandemic reared its ugly head. These are stories of a people whose buoyancy, positive outlook, and confidence are helping them through these times. In this book we can relate in some way to the Venetians as we all are going through this pandemic together. Thanks to Kathy Gonzalez for these stories she brings to us. I believe you will enjoy this book.”

“Hello Ladies,

To add to the comments above, I found the book to be very easyreading and the letters from the Venetians so interesting. I liked that the book included biographies and pictures of the letter writers. You can tell that the Venetians were a community that looked out for each other. They loved their city and moved forward with hope and determination. Even through the devastation, they appreciated the quiet beauty of Venice without the tourists.

I have never been to Venice but have given the book to three of my Italian friends. Those who grew up in homes where the Italian language were spoken enjoyed the letters in the book that were left in Italian. I plan to give more of the books for Christmas gifts as well.”

The advertising apparently works: Mom sold three copies over the weekend!

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3 Responses to “Just-In-Times” for Christmas

  1. Nancy says:

    Go, MOM!!

  2. This was my review: “Each entry in this beautifully written compilation is unique, entertaining, informative, and heartfelt. For those of us who know Venice well and for others who dream of a first-time visit, this book transports readers to behind-the-scenes accounts of the magical city during its devastating flood and crippling pandemic. The common thread of hope, determination, and undying love these Venetian authors portray make this book a special read.

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