Women Making Glass–Present and Past

More and more women are taking up traditional rowing in Venice, in organizations like Row Venice and as gondoliers. Now more women are also taking up glass blowing, Traditionally, women made beads using a technique called lampwork, or they strung beads, sitting in their homes or outside their doors visiting with other women.

But this article in Apollo magazine describes women who are taking up glass blowing at Venetian furnaces. Agnese Tegon, seen below, is the only woman working at a furnace, according to this article. Though of course women are glass makers around the world, Murano has held to tradition for hundreds of years and rarely welcomed women to the furnaces. The article also discusses the work of women bead makers, their work being featured at Venice Art Week this past Fall.

I’m thrilled that women are taking up this art in Murano. Thanks also to the glassmakers who are opening the doors and inviting women in. Who wouldn’t want to invite fresh ideas and broaden the field?

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