Announcing the Second Edition!

The square where Casanova and his teenage friends knocked over a stone table in the middle of the night.

Need a little armchair travel? Want to peek into Casanova’s adventurous life?

I’ve reorganized and clarified some material to create a second edition of Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps, available now from Amazon (print on demand). That means that you folks not living in the US can now access the book more easily. Use this link, which should get you to the second edition. (If you just search the title, you might still find a used paperback of the first edition–wish I could get Amazon to fix this!)

The second edition is also available now in Italy, published by Supernova Edizioni under the title Casanova’s Venice: A Walking Guide, so if you’re in Venice or other major Italian cities, you should be able to find it there.

Here’s the back cover blurb for you:

Skip the crowded tourist shops of Piazza San Marco. This guide is for lovers, scholars, and adventurers. Whether you do one walking tour or all seven, you are sure to have a memorable experience steeped in history and yet uniquely your own. Learning history has never been so fun or so seductive. Drink a Bellini at a cafe where Casanova spied on his friends. Sneak down back alleys to the house where Casanova lost his virginity to two sisters. Kneel in the church where Casanova passed out while giving a sermon. Discover the secret view of the Grand Canal by the palace where Casanova’s hairdresser worked. Create a little of your own history while being seduced by the lover and his city.

The church where Casanova give his first and last sermons (before passing out).

The following Casanovists helped with the research for this book and have this to say about it:

Marco Leeflang, Casanova scholar, editor for Intermédiaire des Casanovistes, and featured in the film Casanova’s Love Letters.

“Kathy Gonzalez is one of the bright lights in a new generation of Casanova scholars.  Kathy’s book reflects not only original research done by her in Venice but also the learning of other Casanova experts around the world, whom she consulted.”

Ian Kelly, author and actor. Mr. Kelly’s work on Casanova was Sunday Times Biography of the Year when it was published in 2009.

I wish this book had existed when I was living and working in Venice on my biography of Casanova, but anyone wanting to relive 18th century Venice can hardly do better than being taken in hand by Giacomo.”

Tom Vitelli, editor, Intermédiaire des Casanovistes, and author of books and articles about Casanova.

“Kathleen Gonzalez has written the definitive guide to Casanova’s Venice—a work tourists have long sought in vain. You really haven’t seen Venice until you’ve seen it through Casanova’s eyes, as presented so richly in Kathleen’s guide. 

Tony Perrottet, author of The Sinner’s Grand Tour and Napoleon’s Privates, and writer for the Smithsonian Magazine.

“The lack of a guidebook to Casanova sites has long been a glaring gap for literary pilgrims to Venice. Kathleen Gonzalez’s meticulously researched new book is sure to fill it admirably.”

Order your copy here!

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