Venice, Wish You Were Here #14


No date or stamp on this one. Argh! Did Aunt just carry it home? It must be before 1963, as that’s when the USA began using zip codes in addresses. Athol Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland, is a long street that abuts the cemetery, but when I typed in Station D to Google maps, nothing came up. Do we have anyone out there who knows Baltimore and can explain?

Here, Aunt — is writing to a her niece Charlotta about her trip to Florence and Venice–and she’s still equivocating about our beloved city! I hope she had a good day and learned the truth–that Venice has so much to offer that rivals Florence! (Okay, I don’t mean to start a fight here. Florence is a lovely city, but you all know that I have a soft spot for Venice. That’s the point of this whole blog!)

Aunt — writes:

“I wish that you had gone to Florence and came here. Just now I like Florence better, but maybe after I have seen more of Venice today I may change my mind. We go out today all day with our American Express guide. I’ve found their service excellent–just as you did–We are being blessed with sunshine here in Venice and that means a great deal with so much water underneath.  With love, Aunt —“

(Can you read Aunt’s name?)


The postcard says this is the Rio dei Carmini. This painting shows a gondola with a fabric felze and the grand campanile of the church of Santa Maria dei Carmini. I found a remarkably similar image on Pinterest:

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10 Responses to Venice, Wish You Were Here #14

  1. kwerickson says:

    I think the Aunt’s name might be Laurie.

  2. kwerickson says:

    I think the Aunt’s name might be “Laurie.
    A fancy way to spell Lori or Laurie.

  3. Bob Insull says:

    Perhaps Madeline

  4. I need a better magnifying glass!

  5. Nancy says:

    The painting the canal is lovely, especially how it captures the dappled light and your photo catches the light wonderfully too.

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