Celebrating Women’s History–With a Gift for You!

Happy Women’s History Month! We have a few days left to celebrate the many ways that women contribute to our world.

To celebrate, I’d like to offer you a free chapter about a remarkable Venetian woman: Giulia Lama. Her work is being rediscovered and appreciated anew in recent years. In fact, a number of works attributed to male painters are now found to have been painted by Giulia Lama. Known for her intense chiaroscuro technique, Giulia was also one of the first women to work from live nude models, both female and male. Her paintings can be found in Venice at the Accademia and Ca’ Rezzonico as well as a handful of churches in the city.

When I wrote A Beautiful Woman in Venice, I somehow missed Giulia Lama’s important work. Silly me! But I’ve now written a chapter on her life, which will eventually be included in a second edition of my book. In the meantime, you can read the chapter by visiting my website and downloading a pdf version of it. You’ll see a .pdf button next to this portrait of Giulia Lama.

For those of you who have already read my book, I hope you’ll enjoy this addition, and for those of you yet to read ABWIV, this is a great introduction for you. If you wish to purchase of copy of the book in the US, please contact me via the website and I’ll mail one to you (cheaper and faster than Amazon, and I donate a portion of the proceeds to Save Venice and Venice in Peril).

Let’s amplify the voices of women throughout history who have followed their muses and produced beautiful works for us to appreciate.

And don’t forget–I’m holding a contest to name the lions. Only a few days left to enter: deadline is March 30 at midnight PST.

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