Sharing: “Like Walking on Water”

Check out this great pair of kicks, Venetian styling! (For those who don’t hang around teens and shoe aficionados, “kicks” refers to shoes.) I’m sharing this blog post from VeneziaBlog, featuring these amazing gondola-inspired shoes designed by Rolando Segalin and now showcased in the shop of his one-time apprentice Daniela Ghezzo.

Post your comment below: Would you wear these? If someone gave you a pair in your size, what might prevent you from wearing them? Where would you wear them? And with what outfit?

I’d probably wear them with my slim black jeans, or maybe go bold and wear black tights and my black sequin mini skirt! Life is short–wear fun shoes!

Click the link to VeneziaBlog to find out where this shop is and where these shoes have been featured as artwork.

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2 Responses to Sharing: “Like Walking on Water”

  1. I would absolutely wear them with my jeans or a skirt and black tights.

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