Vampires Are Forever

Dark alleys, spooky corners, moldering palaces, lonely footsteps at night. Venice has many ingredients for a good vampire story. Forever Young by Barbara Stanzl and Brett Fitzpatrick brings you a blend of modern Venice and historic backstory with plenty of Venice scenes for those who can’t get enough of reading about their favorite city.

Jasmine, an anthropology student in Venice researching folklore, haplessly stumbles into a vampire’s palace and befriends her. Though Violetta wears “vintage” clothes, speaks (a bit unconvincingly) in archaic language, and never goes out during the day nor eats a real meal, Jasmine is really slow to grasp the truth. Violetta’s handsome friend Sebastian shows up and complicates things, as does Violetta’s putative, abusive father. We get to see inside palaces and university offices, cafes and alleys. The women’s favorite haunt is Cafe Noir, a haunt of my own many years ago when it first opened and the owner befriended me. (Uh oh, does that mean he was a vampire too?)

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I won’t give away more of the story than that–that’s for readers to discover! Forever Young is Book One, though I don’t know when the sequel is set to come out. I heard about the book from Barbara Stanzl, who, it turns out, is a friend of a friend in Venice.

This is the cover of the edition I bought, but you’ll also see other cover art.

Forever Young is available on Amazon and also on Smashwords if you want the ebook.

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  1. Just discovered your blog! Love that you write of Venice, and discover books too! Just launched STARVING FOR ITALY, borne from my longing for Italy during this long period away. Please visit!

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