Redefining Beauty: Morosina Morosini Grimani

In 1597 Morosina Morosini Grimani hosted a coronation party unusual for its time. Her husband Marino Grimani had been chosen as Doge of Venice two years earlier and had had his own inauguration festival. But the unusual thing was her immense event, which included regattas, barges for dancing, processionals and more, amidst three days of celebration. In this portrait, she doesn’t look like a party animal, but she certainly knew how to throw one in her own honor!

When women were usually expected to stay in their homes or churches, Morosina instead put on a more public face. In this video I give you a summary of her accomplishments and contributions, from her fashion design to her philanthropy to her ability to put a female face amidst the male city leaders.

Last week I ran a workshop for high school students titled “Redefining Beauty,” and when one of the students viewed this video, she remarked, “Morosina found ways to make the festival for everyone, so it wasn’t just about herself.” I love that a 15-year-old in 2021 can appreciate the contributions of a woman from over 400 years ago.

Andrea Vicentino’s painting of Morosina’s inauguration
No, I’m not standing in the water, though it looks like it! Thank you to the kind stranger who filmed me that day.

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