Gioco Reale

That’s the name of the game you play on this table, which I just saw at the Ca’ Rezzonico.

(Sorry for the funky angle, but I was trying to get a photo without a shadow or a glare.)

Here are some close ups of the images in the boxes. Don’t you want to know what all of them are called? And how this game is played? I’m a bit limited in my internet access right now (I’m at a bar on the Lista di Spagna!) so I can’t look up the game. But if you know it, please share the information with us!

What is THIS? Please share your conjectures and explanations!

The camel first caught my eye. But I’m not sure if he’s my favorite. What’s yours?

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13 Responses to Gioco Reale

  1. Rosemary Wilmot says:

    How utterly intriguing!!! I want one !! Number 23 is very like my guy… let’s try and find out about this 😁😁

  2. Yvonne says:

    I am going to play scopa with some Italians today. If I remember, I’ll ask them if they know the game. maybe not, the are from Campania, and may not know northern games!

  3. Vince Gratzer says:

    I hope I’m not being to chauvy but the Courtesan (?) in #24 caught my eye. And the character in #23 seem to be trying to get her attention.

  4. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Would love to know how to play this. I was caught by the buxom woman #22, the creature(?) who seems to be enjoying a piece of fruit, despite its having a chain around his neck #50, and the spinning top #66.

  5. Stephanie Jentgen Mack says:

    Great post – I am so intrigued!

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