Flying over Venice and Landing on Casanova

This is what the page looks like when you click on a site.

Huge shout out to Shawn Von Ins, a photographer and Venetophile who previously created a map with pins for all my Quattro Minuti con Casanova videos. He has outdone himself by creating this mind-blowing trip through Venice!

Check out this Google Earth flyover–you can click on any of the Casanova sites, and you’ll fly to that location, see the Google image of it, often be able to then get the 360 view, AND click on my video description of Casanova’s exploits there! It’s AMAZING and Shawn did it just for fun!

I am sooo grateful and humbled that someone went to all this work to make my work look better.

Have fun!

Casanova’s Venice on Google Earth

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4 Responses to Flying over Venice and Landing on Casanova

  1. Karen Cogan says:

    Kathleen!!! Omg!! This is absolutely amazing. to have all of your videos linked together in such a spectacular way. Google earth is so fun to see Venice with.

    I did a short six night trip to Rapallo Santa Margarita just to get my courage up. I returned last week. It was so good to get over there again, but all the forms red tape and scheduling Covid test upon my return was a major hassle. And I’m fully vaccinated! I am praying things will get better by end of October because I want to spend six nights in Venice and bring my paints and easel. Do you have any plans on returning to Venice yet???

    I did a large 3 1/2 foot wide painting of the Rialto fish market! It was a challenge painting from my photos to get the right perspective. It was accepted at the Georgetown gallery for an exhibit. It was a labor of love.

    I miss Venice so much. I’m glad to see they’re going to charge for daytrippers, and get rid of the cruises.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all your videos.

    Karen Cogan

    > >

    • So nice to get an update from you, Karen! I’m so happy for you that you got to travel. The Covid precautions are well worth it to get to return to our beloved Venice and Italy. Congratulations on having your painting accepted for the Georgetown exhibit! How exciting. I’d love to see this piece if you want to send me a photo.

  2. cecysvenice says:

    Couldn’t post my comment on your blog…..but wanted to say how splendid the flyover is. Great work by your friend!

    Cecelia ________________________________

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