Questioning Casanova

Someone recently asked me, “What would you say to Casanova if you met him today?” I’ll reveal my response later, in the interview where I was asked this question. But in the meantime, I really want to know what YOU think.

So, what would you say to Casanova if you were face to face?

Please respond! I’d love to hear your ideas–serious, silly, inspired, tired, thoughtful, and pointless.

(Photos are mine, taken at Carrión Gallery on Giudecca, in 2014 before the great flood of 2019 where much of this work was damaged. This is the project initiated by Manuel Carrión to collect people’s images of Casanova.)

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8 Responses to Questioning Casanova

  1. Nancy W Schwalen says:

    Well, you certainly have led an interesting life. What experience stands out the most to you? (I’m sure the response would curl my hair.)

    • It would save you money when visiting the hairdresser! 🙂

      • Adriano says:

        What would you ask Casanova? I think almost everyone would wonder who MM nun really was and, of course, who Henriette was. But the point is: are we sure Casanova would answer? With the bad temper that he had, there is a risk that he will not answer or do it but not tell the truth. in the case of Marina do you think Casanova would feel like declaring to posterity that the story is made up? Because it most likely is. In the case of Henriette, on the other hand, he could be silent, precisely because the story was all too true! And letting go of great love without doing anything is a regret greater than eternity.

  2. Rita Bottoms says:

    I would ask him what would he have changed about his life, what would he have done differently.

  3. I would ask him who was his most influential friend.

  4. Thank you, Adriano, for these insights into Casanova’s character. You’re completely right–to ask Casanova a question, we have to also consider his personality. He was a storyteller, and remembering this makes a difference to how we understand his life.

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