Gondola Stuff: Puzzle Gondola

Isn’t it adorable? I bought this little gondola this summer at Signor Blum’s at Campo San Barnaba. They come in many colors and are all made by hand. I don’t really understand how the pieces fit so snugly together–How do they cut them??

I’m hoping to post an interview with the owners of Signor Blum in the coming months and will share more photos of their goods.

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4 Responses to Gondola Stuff: Puzzle Gondola

  1. Nancy W Schwalen says:

    Love this. It would charm and fascinate children as well as adults.

  2. Paul@bcfnc says:

    I have a friend making all sorts of children’s toys, jigsaw puzzles and ornamental pieces like this . He uses a computer guided laser cutter . Extraordinary machine that selects the best use of the sheet of plywood to limit waste . He also cuts outdoor advertising out of lightweight stainless steel or zinc sheet

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