Google Earth Flies Again!

If you enjoyed the Google Earth flight over Venice that took you to Casanova sites, you’ll be thrilled to learn that I have another Google Earth flight to share with you. Shawn Von Ins created another trip through Venice’s streets–and her history–by linking all the sites related to the women of A Beautiful Woman in Venice. Click on the link here.

The first stop takes you to the campo in front of the Salute church where I share the story of Maria Boscola, the badass rower who won 5 flags in a span of 40 years–while also having six children! I chose that site because of the painting by Gabriel Bella showing the regatta that likely features Maria in the lead. For my video, YouTube chose a silly thumbnail photo of me shrugging, and the Google image of the site shows a gorgeous bride dressed in her white finery. What a great start!

You’ll get to see sites all over Venice–in front of churches and palaces, and even inside a few of them, such as the house of Maria Querini Benzon. Then you get to fly to Murano to see sites connected to glassmakers Hermonia Vivarini and Marietta Barovier before flying finally to Burano to see a street named for Cencia Scarpariola and hearing the story of how she helped save the lace industry.

Huge thanks to Shawn for stitching all this together. It’s a real treat to see Venice this way and revisit the stories of these Beautiful Women.

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