Molecules / Molecole

I heard about this film Molecole (Molecules) about Venice as the pandemic began. It’s streaming for free (in the US) until Sunday evening, hosted by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Washington DC. I hope you get a chance to watch it!

The director, Andrea Segre, muses about his relationship with his father, and being alone, and Venice as it empties out. He intersperses his own footage with his father’s films from the 1950s. After you watch it, please leave a comment trying to describe the mood that the film creates.

An image of Segre as a child, with his father

Segre is rowed around Venice by Elena Almansi, a rowing teacher with Row Venice–and a contributing author to my anthology Venice Rising: Aqua Granda, Pandemic, Rebirth. Elena was wonderful to work with as she wrote her chapter, but I still haven’t met her! So it was an added bonus to see her in this film.

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4 Responses to Molecules / Molecole

  1. dayna10 says:

    How did the documentary make me feel? Well, I was struck most by the tragic nature of Segre’s relationship with his father – so sad. On a positive note, I loved watching Elena row so effortlessly, quite inspiring. You will have to meet her someday Kathleen. I have no doubt you will.

    • I’m confident I’ll meet Elena one of these days! Thank you for sharing your feelings about the film. I agree with you about his relationship with his father–you can hear the disappointment and frustration in his narrative. The images of past and present Venice create such a synchronous collage of nostalgia and beauty. Quite evocative!

  2. Vince Gratzer says:

    A very interesting and poignant portrayal of Venice and Segre’s relationship with his father;

    I really liked:

    The pace of the film – Like a gondola slowing meandering down a canal.

    Loved the vintage home movies of life in Venice

    The music was excellent especially near the end when it is a slow, one note sequence on the guitar.

    I liked the footage of Venice in the winter with the misty landscapes. I was fortunate to have 8 beautiful sunny days in my first visit to Venice but long for dark, misty and cool days and nights…

    Towards the end of the film there is a pan of St. Mark’s that goes on for longer than a minute and there is on one, absolutely none to be seen. That is a truly amazing sight to see.

    The absolute joy of Elena and her friend in their gondola when they discover that the lagoon is empty of boats. They revel in that moment, one that may never come again.

    The relationship between father and son was very sad. The son encapsulates the dysfunctional relationship with this one line: “In a letter to a dear woman friend, not to me of course…”

    In all, a very interesting film and one that I’d recommend. Beautiful evocation of Venice, and a son’s journey to understand his father.

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