Casanova in Place Redux

The latest edition of Casanoviana has made it to my mailbox! How exciting to see so many of the essays that were presented at the Casanova in Place Symposium that I organized back in 2019. Thank you to Antonio Trampus and the editors who have put together this volume.

Here the table of contents includes those papers from the Symposium: Those by Nicola Vinovrski, Malina Stefanovska, Gregory Dowling, and Mladen Kozul. Stefano Feroci, listed here for his paper “Cracovie en Bel Air,” also presented at the Symposium on Casanova’s travels in Tuscany, as did Tom Vitelli whose paper “‘Dark Matter’ in Casanova’s Memoirs” was published in Casanoviana 3.

The “Notes and Queries” section of Casanoviana 4 also announces the publication of Malina Stefanovska’s new book Casanova in the Enlightenment: From the Margins to the Centre. This edition showcases papers presented at the 2016 conference she organized at UCLA. Congratulations on this long-awaited work!

I am so proud to have worked with these dedicated and talented writers and scholars who are enlarging our conversation of Casanova studies. Thank you again to all of the authors and speakers who trusted me to put together the Symposium, and congratulations to them all on this recent publication.

As a side note, along with my copy of Casanoviana 4 came a bonus volume: Contre Bonaparte by Giacomo Casanova and presented by Branko Aleksic. I had the pleasure of meeting Branko back in 2012 in Paris when I was there for the exhibit of Casanova’s memoirs, which had just been purchased by the French National Library. How wonderful to add another volume to the Casanova studies.

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4 Responses to Casanova in Place Redux

  1. Hi Kathy, I think you’ve posted this before, but can you remind us how to buy Casanoviana?

    • Certainly! Email Antonio Trampus at From there you’ll receive an email with payment options (wiring money or using PayPal). It’s 25 euros per volume, plus shipping, which is a total of 30 euros for Italy, 32 for Europe, and 35 for other countries.

  2. Staci Cihlar says:

    Hi! I came across an oil painting of one of Canaletto’s Grand Canal pieces and have been trying to find the artist. I’m in the Minneapolis area and the name at the bottom appears to be Rita Serlin(?). I saw a blog you wrote about this particular piece and noticed two women named Rita in a pic accompanying the post and took the long shot of asking if you might be able to help me! Please shoot me an email if you think there may be a connection!

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