Dear Venice, Wish You Were Here #17

“Come out in our gondola this evening!”

Yes yes yes yes yes please! How I wish I were there with K. R. Elliott to take up this offer. Alas, I am decades too late. This card is marked “Aug. 20” though I can’t make out the year. Can one of my stamp aficionados identify the stamp and the year or decade to give us a clue? Is it 1920? The gondolier in his crisp whites and the felze atop the gondola indicate that it’s before the 1950s.

I haven’t seen many postcards from this perspective–from the Giardino Reale looking towards the Dogana and Salute church. Maybe that’s because nowadays this area is clogged with vaporetto stops and ticky tacky tschotscke stands, not nearly as picturesque and uncluttered as it is here.

“‘Tis as lovely here as possible and cooler than I’ve even known Italy to be,” writes K. R. Sounds like this person has traveled in Italy quite a lot in order to compare the trips’ temperatures.

I find the address fascinating. It’s simply addressed to Miss Eleanor Bragdon in Pocasset, Massachusetts, U.S.A. with no other street address or number given. In 2019, the population is listed as 2,893, so even today it is a tiny village, listed as part of the town of Bourne. I wonder if Eleanor has any relatives still living there?

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8 Responses to Dear Venice, Wish You Were Here #17

  1. Adriano says:

    The stamp is this:
    The king Vittorio Emanuele III (1906)

  2. Nancy W Schwalen says:

    It is a lovely view. I will have to keep it in my mind should we ever get to Venice.

  3. Bert says:

    Who would write ‘Tis? And the Royal Garden is now plural.

  4. dayna10 says:


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