Sharing: Making Limoncello

I now have a crush on Pasquale.

My friend Carol shared this video with me for how to make limoncello. But oh, the video offers so much more than that! If you want to brighten your day, click “play” and enjoy your time with Pasquale. I’d suggest turning on closed captioning for full effect. (You can do this on YouTube by clicking on the little “cc” box at the bottom of the video screen.)

Really, do it. But make sure you have some limoncello around so you can toast along with Pasquale. Zoom zoom!

Here’s Pasquale’s site if you want more from him.

From his website

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6 Responses to Sharing: Making Limoncello

  1. Wilson says:

    love it! “live on jello!”

    i actually had some limoncello on hand (homemade by a friend) to enjoy this video with.

  2. Thank you so much. All of his recipes look delicious. I have several limoncello recipes, but have yet to try it. This makes me want to do it. What an entertaining guy. I have signed up for his newsletter. Saluti!

  3. karenkoppett says:

    I love Pasquale!! Thank you, Kat!!

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