My New Addiction

Thanks to a friend, I have discovered a new guilty pleasure (though really I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, I suppose!)

Real estate agents sometimes make videos presenting their properties. I love any excuse to peek inside a palazzo (Biennale events are a great entrée). I found myself oohing with pleasure and astonishment at these lavish apartments.

Here is an apartment in Castello that has its own bridge leading to it. The courtyard offers light as well as canal access plus its own pozzo. (I daydreamed about arriving in my own gondola, with my own gondolier, of course.) I especially loved the sitting room with what looked like a former fireplace now displaying art objects. Take the tour of it with Danilo Romolini, pictured here.

This place offers magnificent windows that drench the room in light. The courtyard has a staircase worthy of Romeo and Juliet with fresco fragments fooling the eye into seeing another balcony. I love the high ceilings and terrazzo floors and sense of airiness. You could live a cozy life here or throw magnificent parties! The building is situated across from Ca’ Goldoni, on a bridge I’ve crossed countless times and that Casanova’s mother no doubt crossed on her way to visit the playwright Carlo Goldoni.

But this palace on the Grand Canal is stupendous. You could have your own balcony overlooking the Canal. The rooms are enormous, begging to be filled with your friends and family for lavish gatherings. The large windows welcome in so much light, and the dining room, decorated with vines and leaves, produces the sense that you’re having dinner in the woods. It’s hard to imagine that I could buy such a place (well, it will have to be merely in my imagination, as the price tag is beyond my means!)

At least these videos (and many more) are available to view. Please share your favorites!

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5 Responses to My New Addiction

  1. carolash says:

    Hi Kathy, What a great hobby! Thanks for sharing. Yesterday I made our reservations for Venice. We will be there Sept 7-14 and Sept 29-Oct 3. Will remains hesitant because of Covid and the Ukrainian war but I am hopeful and just can’t wait anymore. Any chance you will be there any of those dates?



    • Hi Carol,
      How exciting that you’ll finally return! I’l be there 7-17 June, so we won’t overlap in our trips. I went last summer, and since much of Venetian life can happen outdoors, I was fine. The scariest part was the airports!

  2. Karen Cogan says:

    Oh my gosh Kathleen thank you so much for turning me onto this. I can watch these over and over again. I am hooked now. What a great way to spend time when I am up in the middle of the night with insomnia!!!
    I was in Venice second week in April. I stayed in San Croce for three days, and I never even got to San Marco. There was just too much to see just in that neighborhood 🥰

  3. Amazing. Thank you for sharing!

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