Venetian Lives Event Was a Success!

Yesterday Graziella Giusto and her husband Agostino welcomed me and our friends to their new atelier to discuss and celebrate my books. Tucked away in a side street in Cannaregio, the beautiful space they have created is perfect for such small gatherings to bring people together and share ideas and creativity.

Author Marie Ohanesian Nardin interviewed me—well, it was really more like a conversation about my six books on Venice. Contributors to the anthologies were there: Michelle Lovric, Lorenzo Gregolin, Manuela Brunello, and of course Graziella, plus my publisher Giovanni DiStefano. We even got Rosemary Wilmot on the phone to talk about Venice Rising. How exciting to me to bring together these people, have a lovely conversation, and enjoy the evening in Venice.

Agostino and Graziella at Il Salotto di Madamadore’
With Marie and Laura
With Graziella and Manuela
Conversation with Marie

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1 Response to Venetian Lives Event Was a Success!

  1. Graziella Giusto says:

    Che onore averti ospitata nel mio Salotto! E che onore essere ora nel tuo blog!
    Grazie per il tuo lavoro per Venezia! Ti auguro il meglio! Graziella

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