BanglaVenice–A Project Worth Supporting!

Through my involvement with the Guild of St George, which, among other things, works towards Venice sustainability, I learned about this film project by Emanuele Confortin. He is in the editing stages of a documentary called BanglaVenice, which looks at the unique experiences of living in a city surrounded by water. Many Bangladeshi people, who are often climate migrants themselves due to rising sea levels in their home country, have made Venice their new home and are featured in the film.

This short film is not exactly a trailer, though it does give you a sense of the film’s message and trajectory. Confortin made it to help crowdsource the project and raise enough funds to finish production, which is expected this summer. For donating on Indigogo, you can get some extra perks, if that moves you, such as a poster, having your name in the credits, or streaming the show. I chose this last option because I’m not sure how else I’ll get to see it! Please check out this worthy project, and I hope you get to see the final product!

This 8 minute film explains the project and shares some footage from it.

And here is the message from the Guild of St George, with a link to Confortin’s crowdfunding page:

In the May newsletter, you will have read Peter Burman’s personal appeal to Companions and friends to support a new project, BanglaVenice, a film being made by Emanuele Confortin. Emanuele has now launched a formal crowd-funding campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to complete his project and you can find more details, and short film extracts, here.

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3 Responses to BanglaVenice–A Project Worth Supporting!

  1. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Danielle says:

    Kathleen, Thank you so much for all your posts! I have all your books as well and my friend just surprised me on his return from Venice with your « Casanov’s Venice a Walking Guide » he picked up in the Doges palace”s book shop. He did not know I already was a fan of yours. In any case here is a wonderful scholar dissertation I just read and which affords a profound understanding of the seemingly rapid collapse of the Republic to Napoléon. The proverbial it happened slowly than all of a sudden. I am sure you will find it extremely interesting notwithstanding I am sure you having read John Julius Norwich “ A History of Venice” and the likes.


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    I also read your comment on the new Casanova bio. I will also read it and see and judge for myself. Best and thank you again for all you newsletters, videos and books. Danielle

    DaniellenMcGuy #ciaofromdanielle Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Danielle, What a treat to get your message! Thanks for reading my works. I’m always humbled and thrilled to know that people are reading my books. And thanks for this link, which I’ll check out soon.

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