Gondola Stuff: Glass Mosaic

I’ve added new gondola-themed items to my collection! Luckily they were small and fit easily into my suitcase (and onto the shelf which is getting increasingly crowded with gondolas, like Bacino d’Orseolo at the end of the day).

I was strolling through the Rialto market stalls at the end of the day–not too crowded, so I could actually see the vendors’ goods as I went past. I usually don’t look too closely; in my past experience, most of these vendors sell cheap, touristy items that don’t interest me. But I spotted these new wooden items–gondolas, gondoliers, palaces, bridges–with glass tiles embedded in them. It’s hard for me to pass up a gondola!

“Do you make these?” I asked the young man tending the shop.

“I cut the wood,” he said, “and my friend, he puts in the glass.” Knowing these were locally made sealed the deal, and I walked away with my new gondola. “You do not want the gondolier?” he asked, referring to the tiny wood and glass figure that sat atop the gondola.

“No, just the gondola today, thank you!” I replied.

It looks monstrous here, but it’s only 3 3/4 inches long

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2 Responses to Gondola Stuff: Glass Mosaic

  1. Don’t get home and wish you had bought the gondolier. Just saying……….

  2. Rosemary Wilmot says:

    I will look for those too. And no you wouldn’t need the gondolier. First spritz is free. 🥰

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