I’m Being a Lookie-loo Again!

In case you are not familiar with this American term, a “lookie-loo” is a person who likes to check out other people’s property, like walking through an open house that is for sale. A lookie-loo usually doesn’t intend to buy–they just want to look!

Enjoy another video featuring a Venetian property for sale. This place is an attic apartment–actually two apartments–plus an altana, the rooftop terrace. It’s quite interesting to see how they laid out the place, and the funky staircase is definitely unusual. The ceilings are low, but the design is so interesting, and the rooms so full of light, that it creates a fascinating space.

The remarkable staircase

As I watched this video, my mouth was hanging open in amazement. The tile and terrazzo floors, the painted wooden doors, the beam ceilings, the interior patio, even the radiator cover were all gorgeous. But most amazing were all the paintings, originals from hundreds of years ago. The master bedroom, as well as other rooms, looks out over Campo Santo Stefano. I can’t imagine living in such a place!

I want to own a door like that!

In fact, I think that’s why I love these videos so much. I’ve entered a number of Venetian palazzi, usually because they have been turned into museums or are opened for Biennale exhibits. Those are stunning, but it feels somehow different to view these properties that are for sale, that I could actually own (well, if I had more money, of course!). When I visit a palace, I never imagine actually owning it, so these videos feel more remarkable and awe-inspiring.

Okay, one more. This video offers a very different tour, but it’s snappy and fun. The altana is fabulous and inviting. I love the tall, rounded windows letting in all the light.

Picture me with a spritz

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5 Responses to I’m Being a Lookie-loo Again!

  1. Howard says:

    We think the same!

  2. What a fabulous property! Thanks for sharing. It’s always fun to dream: “magari domani.”

  3. Karen Cogan says:

    Oh my gosh, keep these links coming. They are perfect on those nights when I can’t sleep and I need something to dream About.

    Karen Cogan


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