Gondola Stuff: Metal Bracket

What is this–some kind of metal hinge or bracket? No, it’s a gondola!

These handmade gems, along with many other items made from bits of flotsam, were in the window of the shop across from the apartment where I stayed this summer. The owner, Luciano Buggio, hangs out in his shop daily, greeting everyone as he navigates the narrow lanes inside his shop. The window claims that it’s a shop for furniture restoration, but Luciano’s card reads “restauro e riclicio ricreativo” or restoration and creative recycling (or something like that. Google translate came up with “restoration and recreational recycling,” but I don’t think that’s what Luciano had in mind.)

The armada, with a sampling of plastic water bottle flowers behind it.

There are spray painted plastic flowers in vases made from plastic bottles, earrings made from bottle caps, and a world of people and creatures formed from bits of metal, wooden dolls made from chair legs. I think some things haven’t been moved for years. Out front, wooden bookshelves bulge with faded books and postcards, and paintings hang from the wall. There’s even a wooden stand with paper “prints” for sale. I use the term loosely. Some of the offerings are watercolors or other drawings, but there are also some paper rectangles with blue dots or silhouettes of red flowers. I bought a couple to use as wrapping paper. But as Luciano started to roll up the paper and secure it with a rubber band, like you would an art print, I stopped him, saying there was no need, as I would use it to wrap my book. He looked insulted, then explained that the blue dots were created when he spray paints the centers of the plastic flowers he makes. These dots and silhouettes are artworks themselves, he implied, so I quickly scuttled my book and walked out with an unfolded piece of spray painted paper.

I just want to dust everything and look at every little strange item in this shop.

Luciano is also apparently a theoretical physicist. His card reads “fisico teorico” and directs you to his website, which contains articles on electromagnetic radiation and the celestial spheres. (Those are two different topics, in case it wasn’t clear.)

I should have taken more photos of this place, but it just means that you’ll have to check it out yourself. It’s just around the corner from San Giovanni Evangelista, at San Polo 2423. Bring your coins: If Lucciano isn’t there, you can drop some coins into the wooden box to pay for the books, postcards, or art prints. But if you want a metal gondola or other creature, be sure to meet the artist in residence.

This gondola is not known for being seaworthy

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4 Responses to Gondola Stuff: Metal Bracket

  1. Nancy says:

    Imaginative artist!

  2. What a great, creative shop. I would love to see it.

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