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Nova: Saving Venice

The PBS show Nova centered on Venice this week in a show titled Saving Venice, exploring Mose and other ways that Venice is attempting to protect the city from high water. I learned some new things, getting to see just … Continue reading

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Venetian Emoji #15

Okay, I’m stumped by this one. What’s going on here? What emotion is this emoji showing? Or what character does this one remind you of?

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In Casanova’s Footsteps: Rome–Palazzo Ottoboni-Fiano

This is the site of the Palazzo Ottoboni-Fiano, at the Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina address #4, which Casanova visited in 1770. He had received a letter of introduction written by the Venetian nobleman Signor Zulian to his sister, … Continue reading

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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #10

I found this series in the Santa Croce neighborhood, near Rio Marin. There was another that I didn’t capture, which had a euro sign, and I bet there were others that I didn’t pass by. If anyone sees more, please … Continue reading

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The Narrow Streets of Venice

I walk around Venice so much that I often don’t think about how narrow some streets are. But on a walk this June I was struck by how narrow this street really was. Look at how this man’s shoulders nearly … Continue reading

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