Venice Calls: Plastic Revolution!

Venice Calls members cleaning up the beach

The grassroots organization Venice Calls, composed primarily of young Venetians, has created a new project to address Venice’s plastic garbage. They have a team of energetic people collecting plastics from Venice and the islands. They then run these through a machine that chops them into bits, and finally the plastics can be made into new objects, like park benches.

Check out their project site: Plastic Revolution, with a snappy video (in Italian) that shares some of the details. Not-so-fun-fact, taken from the video: many plastic bottle tops disintegrate in the sea, are eaten by fishes, which are eaten by people. Ick.

And here’s one more cool part of this project, and where you come in: The Commune of Venice will match funds raised for this project, 4,477 euros, if Venice Calls can raise that amount by November 10. I just donated, and I hope you might be able to help out too!

Sample benches made from recycles plastic. (All images taken from the Venice Calls website.)


I had trouble making my donation, and after I had published this blog post, I discovered that my donation hadn’t gone through. I contacted the lovely people at Venice Calls, and here’s what they said about donating from the United States (which seems to not be accepted by the crowdfunding company they’re using):

In order for you and your contacts to contribute to the crowdfunding, we may propose you to send the donation via our Paypal account if it suitable for you.

You can submit the donation at this link (Venice Calls APS official Paypal account):

Once the donation has been received, we will transfer the amount in euro, deducted of the fee applied by Paypal, to the crowdfunding account. We will send the notification of the transfer to each of the donors so they can be sure that their contribution has been effectively reported.

For those who cannot use Paypal, we can also accept bank transfers, here are our bank account data:

Name: Venice Calls ASP

IBAN: IT81Z0501812101000016840217

Bank: Banca Etica, Italy


We may ask to write as description on the bank transfer: “Donation to Civic Crowdfunding – Venice Calls Project 2022” so that we can track the amount to be transferred to the crowdfunding account.

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