Where the Water Goes

The pozzo at Palazzo Donà

This summer while visiting some Biennale locations, I stopped in at Palazzo Donà in Campo San Polo. In this case I was more interested in the palace and its courtyard, as I saw something I hadn’t seen before. Notice how a drainage gutter has been carved into the step. This allows water to drain off to the side rather than cascade down the steps. Pretty ingenious!

The view from above, looking at the drainage area on the step.
The same step with a view that is more straight on.

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5 Responses to Where the Water Goes

  1. Genius! Such a simple solution, and yet where have we ever seen that before? Thanks for your keen observation. Saluti!

  2. Christian Mussap says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    I subscribe to your blog and enjoy reading your updates. I have family in Venice so I come here a lot (pre-pandemic, of course). I am in town right now, for a week or so, and would like to make your acquaintance, if you are free. Perhaps a coffee or spritz? I understand if you are too busy. Either way, keep writing and keep well.

    Warm regards, Christian

    Christian J. Mussap Sent from my iPhone


  3. That is so interesting!

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