Dear Venice: Wish You Were Here #22

Not a very old postcard: April 14, 1983. But the view is unusual because it’s so far back from the Bridge of Sighs and the Canonica. As usual, a bunch of gondolas are jammed up jockeying for position. I started getting to know gondoliers in 1996 and knew a few of the guys who worked this area. I wonder if any of them are in this photo?

Mom and Dad write:

“I mailed cards a few days ago & found I didn’t have enough stamps. Lack of communication. You may never get the first so tho’t I’d start over. Have been to surrounding cities and Tues. we went to Venice. Very unique. We may go back next week. My cold is still with me & I hope each day it will leave. Have bought a few items. Hope it won’t run like pink when I get home. Have had only 2 sunny days. Sort of raw. It is all great to see but no place like USA. Hope all is well with you. Think of you weekend of 15th. Love, Mom & Dad

Okay, I might have gotten some of that wrong. “Run like pink?” Help me out here, dear readers! And the final line, did I get that right?

And I must ask: Why do some people write such banal things on postcards? Why use such precious space to admit that you ran out of stamps? Why not instead wax poetic about your gondola ride, or the moonlight on the water, or the crooner at your canalside restaurant, or your spaghetti alle vongole or your first bellini?

Zillow provides this photo of the house with the weird address: 4442 E. Air Libre, Phoenix, Arizona, 85032 USA

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7 Responses to Dear Venice: Wish You Were Here #22

  1. I get the impression that this (negative) lady didn’t allow herself to get into the glorious Italian spirit. “too cold.” “I have a cold.” “Not enough stamps.” “I hope it won’t run like pink.” (whatever that meant.) “No place like the USA.” I’m surprised she didn’t complain that “Everyone here speaks Italian.”

  2. Rosemarie says:

    I think she said.. “I hope it won’t seem like junk when I get home.”

  3. Christopher says:

    Did you know you can see a live view from the very same location from the Hotel Colombina here:

    • How cool! Thanks for sharing this. I knew about a couple other live cams but not this one.

      • Christopher says:

        I thought it was pretty cool! When I saw your post I immediately recognized the location so I thought I’d share the webcam. YouTube has a channel called “I Love You Venice” that has several live webcams. When I’m not in Venice I watch them daily just to connect with the city a bit!

  4. I know how you feel. During the pandemic especially, I relied on the live cam as my daily (hourly!) escape. Watching the water lap against the fondamenta was so soothing.

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