In the News: Ima Casanova

This is someone’s name. No, I didn’t make it up, though it sounds like something a adolescent boy might come up with. Here’s the headline and the link to the short article about gold valuations. The real news is the name. What were Ima’s parents thinking?

Actually, it’s not quite as funny as it sounds. “Ima” is short for “Imaru.” I won’t post her photo out of respecting her privacy, though you can find it easily by googling her name.

“Gold stocks are trading at historically low valuations: VanEck’s Ima Casanova”

I get updates from Google for the word “Casanova,” and you’d be amazed at the things that come up. There are multiple journalists with the last name Casanova, and a politician in Southern California, a boxer, an incarcerated rapper, and a wealthy family who are always posting where they’ve had their latest bagel or suntan. I’ll share some of the more interesting ones with you in this new series.

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4 Responses to In the News: Ima Casanova

  1. stephanie says:

    Her name is likely pronounced “Eema” not “Eyema”

  2. Nancy says:

    How strange but it seems that “Ima Casanova” wants to become a “witty” buzz word. By the way, I have some items Steve’s mother brought back from Italy. I have no place for them.

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