To Dream of Living in Venice

As you know I sometimes while away some minutes watching video walkthroughs of apartments in Venice. Today I offer not a video but some photos for an apartment with the most amazing terrace.

Of course, the interior ain’t too shabby either! The color scheme in the living room is unique. What do you think of all those couch cushion colors?

There are so many other lovely details, too. Those inlaid wood floors! The wrought iron over the glass on the door windows. The stained glass by the breakfast nook. The sunny bedroom. The bookshelves in the library. The views of the canal. (Does the gondolier permanently hang out there?)

Okay, I’ll take it! Umm, can anyone give me the money for it? Hihi! Enjoy a few minutes of scrolling through the photos.

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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2 Responses to To Dream of Living in Venice

  1. Adriano says:

    It’s strange, the announcement says Campo San Giovanni e Paolo that is the hospital and yet the photo of the terrace seems to me to show the bell tower of the orthodox church of San Giorgio dei Greci which is quite distant on the Rio dei Greci. The interiors are a little too strong for my tastes, not very Venetian, I would say arabesque, the house was probably intended for a Middle Eastern clientele.

    • Yes, the colors are quite bright, unlike most Venetian decor I usually see. I wonder who wrote the description? Maybe someone who doesn’t know Venice very well but who just sells houses!

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