Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #13

In Castello, at the far end of Via Garibaldi, on the way to the church of Sant’Anna. It looks like Banksy to me, but I was told it’s not.

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4 Responses to Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #13

  1. Karen Cogan says:

    I hear there is a Banksy somewhere in Venice…🤷‍♀️

    • There is! You can see it from the bridge leading from the church of San Pantalon into Campo Santa Margherita. I have a photo of it and will post it soon.

      • Karen Cogan says:

        Yes, please that would be great. I’ll look for it!
        I am leaving Saturday for four nights in Venice Sunday through Wednesday. Looks like cold and rainy just like Sacramento but that’s OK. I’d rather be there than here.

  2. You’ll get to see the Bansky in person! Have a great trip!

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