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Light and Shadow Dancing

The many ways that water lives in the city–this is captured in JoAnn Locktov’s new paean to Venice: Dream of Venice in Black and White. Puddles, fog, snow, rain, canals–of course, waves, reflections, clouds, splashes, mist on stones, droplets in … Continue reading

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Acqua Bassa

You’ve heard about acqua alta, when Venice’s waters rise to flood the streets. But have you heard of acqua bassa? A Venetian friend shared these pictures from a couple days ago. The water was so low that many boats could … Continue reading

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Send Me Your Cats

My friend Adriano just sent this link to a photography project that features the cats of Venice. Which of these cats is your favorite? Cats in Venice Here are a few of my Venetian cat photos from past years. Email … Continue reading

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Venice Wins a Medal!

What is it?? That’s what I was wondering when I received this gift from my generous friend Marco. He sent it as a birthday gift all the way from the Netherlands. It’s heavy, it’s abstract, it’s about Venice….but really, what … Continue reading

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Acqua Alta, Acqua Viva?

You may have noticed the new banner I posted. It shows a number of bottles on a shelf, one of which contains water from the historically high acqua alta in December 2008. This cafe bottled some and stuck it up … Continue reading

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The Floating City Misnomer

A friend recently lent me Dan Brown’s Inferno, saying, “Lots of it is set in Venice!” So I had to read it. It took a few hundred pages for the protagonist Robert Langdon to get himself to Venice, but he … Continue reading

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Casanova’s Condoms

Last time I was in Venice, I stopped by the lovely bookstore Acqua Alta, the one with a gondola inside and a staircase made of books out back. (I posted on this a while ago.) The owner, a smiley wild-haired … Continue reading

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