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Basilica Ghost Image

Last week I spent some days at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. The college is run by a group of Benedictine monks who also operate the California school where I work, and I was there with a group … Continue reading

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Silent Lightning

Ten o’clock at night on a hot, humid day in Venice. I had just washed my hair and decided to go for a walk to let it dry. I was staying near the Piazza San Marco. Why not walk through … Continue reading

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The Little Wicket

Henry James said of Venice in 1872: “There are trailers who think the place odious, and those who are not of this opinion often find themselves wishing that the others were only more numerous. The sentimental tourists’ sole quarrel with … Continue reading

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Tanti Auguri!

Happy New Year from Venice! By one a.m., the Piazza San Marco was a glittering carpet of broken glass from Bellini and prosecco bottles. A couple workers tried to pick up the largest pieces, but I can’t imagine that their … Continue reading

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Acqua Alta This Week in Venice

Acqua Alta This Week in Venice Click on the link to check out these photos. Looks like at least some people were having fun despite the high waters. I always think of the residents, though. My friend Stefano has had … Continue reading

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The Sands of Time…

My friend Piero sent this link to a sand sculpture contest held at Iesolo, an island near Venice (generally known as the place to go dancing, because, Lord knows, Venice ain’t the place for a hopping nightclub to get your … Continue reading

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