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Masked Dancers

Did you see these two during Carnevale this year? First they were spotted in Campo SS Apostoli. How audacious! They just set down their music, took off their clothes, and danced! The taller one danced with a veil. They were … Continue reading

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Pirates Pillage Venice!

Breaking News! This Carnevale Season, a band of nine pirates marauded through Venice’s calli e campi, attacking innocent bystanders with their cutlasses and then pouring rum down their throats. Their leader, Captain Redbeard, was overheard snarling, “Ahoy, me mateys! We be … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be High

I came across this the other day. Part Heath-Ledger-Casanova-film, part Amadeus, part Peter Greenaway. Louis Vuitton has chosen Venice as the backdrop for his new line, and then he went into the film making business. http://www.louisvuitton.com/front/#/eng_US/Collections/Women/Handbags/stories/linvitation-au-voyage-venice This is the director’s … Continue reading

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The Giacomo Variations

Have you heard about this one? Sometimes I’m so surprised that here I am, a Casanova researcher, and in the last couple years of research, The Giacomo Variations never came across my screen! How did I miss an opera that’s … Continue reading

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Courtesans and their Surprises

You remember the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale about the Princess and the Pea? She can’t sleep because there’s a pea under her 20 mattresses and yet she still feels it. Though the thought seems sacrilegious, I couldn’t help but think … Continue reading

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Reflections Reveal the Photographer

Click on this link to see a post by my  friend Greg, president of the Gondola Society of America. It’s titled, “How Much is that Marinera in the Window?” Reflections Reveal the Photographer The photos are by RJ, my partner, from our … Continue reading

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More of What You Like!

Apparently the Carnevale photos I posted were a big hit today. Here are some more on my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/KathleenAnnGonzalez/photos_stream I’ll post more in the future. Thanks for checking out my page!

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Carnevale Shots

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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Venezia in Maschera

Going to Venice for Carnevale was on my bucket list–I thought I’d never do it, and then I went three times! I wrote this piece after the first trip. It came out of my journal entries, but its rambling nature … Continue reading

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