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What Gondoliers Do When No One Is Watching

Last summer I visited the Cloister of Sant’Apollonia, situated behind Basilica San Marco on the Canonica canal. I’ll post a separate blog about what I saw inside the cloister. But I couldn’t resist watching the gondoliers for a while from … Continue reading

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Confetti Belly

Carnevale in Venice has many pleasures (and a few pains), but one of my favorites is the confetti. At my first Carnevale, I was attacked in the street by a group of firemen with inflatable mallets (or was it the … Continue reading

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Pirates Pillage Venice!

Breaking News! This Carnevale Season, a band of nine pirates marauded through Venice’s calli e campi,¬†attacking innocent bystanders with their cutlasses and then pouring rum down their throats. Their leader, Captain Redbeard, was overheard snarling, “Ahoy, me mateys! We be … Continue reading

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Ideas Dislocated in the Crowd

“In the evening there generally is on St. Mark’s place, such a mixed multitude of Jews, Turks, and Christians; lawyers, knaves, and pick-pockets; mountebanks, old women and physicians; women of quality with masks; strumpets barefaced; and, in short, such a … Continue reading

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