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Sounds like “Opa!” right? But it’s the name of a restaurant. Check out this gem in the Campo di Gheto Novo. I haven’t eaten a meal there, only had drinks and snacks, but I wanted to share it today for … Continue reading

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Gondola Stuff: Ven-Ice

“Say arrivederci to warm drinks!” That’s what it says on the package to Ven-Ice, my new ice cube maker that I got in Venice this summer. Also on the packaging: “What’s more romantic than gliding down a Venetian canal? How … Continue reading

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Answers to Your Gondola Questions

Ever wonder why gondolas are black? Or why they’re asymmetrical? Do you want to see a gondolier with a knife in hand? Here’s a fun animated talk about the history of the gondola in Venice: http://lauramorelli.com/2014/09/05/the-history-of-the-venetian-gondola-a-new-video-lesson-for-ted-ed/ One of my favorite … Continue reading

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Cartoon Analysis

Last weekend the comic strip Rose Is Rose featured a gondolier! http://www.gocomics.com/roseisrose/2014/11/23 Let’s do some analysis here: The gondola has a proper forcola (with a bend in it and a little cleft to hold the oar), and there’s a ferro … Continue reading

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The Gondola Maker–Book Review

I was recently invited to participate in Italy Book Tours, a website that sends readers on “tours” of books about Italy. What a great concept, huh? The book I was asked to read is The Gondola Maker by Laura Morelli. … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Me…

…getting to know all about me! (Anyone remember that old song?) Smashwords, where I e-published my first and third books, now offers author interviews. I had some fun posting my answers to such questions as “How did you get the … Continue reading

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No More Pirates

Who would think of putting fish inside the ravioli? That’s what we had for dinner at Remer, literally a hole in the wall restaurant in the Campiello del Remer in Cannaregio. I had first dined there five or six years … Continue reading

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