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Terrorists in Venice!?

Just got this news from an Italian friend: Authorities arrested four men who were planning to bomb the Rialto Bridge. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/30/italian-police-break-alleged-jihadist-cell-planned-attack-venices/ The Telegraph article I emailed with a Venetian friend who works near Campo Manin, where one of the men … Continue reading

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Bug Killler Gondola

As part of my occasional series of gondola-related stuff, here’s your latest peek into my collection. I got this at the fair trade shop by the Rialto Bridge. It’s made from used bug spray cans. Clever recycling, but whoever got … Continue reading

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Where Am I?

Your latest location to puzzle over. Here are a couple shots I took while looking out the windows: And here’s the ceiling… And the floor. So where am I? Can you name the building?

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Impious Miscreants with Diabolicall Perswasions

The British traveler (and one-time court jester) Thomas Coryat is often credited as taking the first Grand Tour of Europe (though he certainly didn’t know it at the time!). In 1608 he traversed Europe, mostly on foot, and spent some … Continue reading

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Bird’s Eye View

Last weekend I finally finished this puzzle.  I had been working on it sporadically for about nine months, sometimes pulled away from it by other projects and tasks, but always coming back. Working on this involved a large dose of … Continue reading

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Gondola Stuff–Ferro

Part of the occasional series showcasing gondola-related stuff I have collected over the years. You’ve seen my forcola (a real one!), and last time I posted in this series, it was the Ven-Ice tray. Here’s a letter opener I picked … Continue reading

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The Old Lady and the Rebellion

(I meant to post this on June 15, but I was traveling and didn’t get to it. Here it is, a month late.) What does this woman with a pot have to do with ending a rebellion? She is Giustina … Continue reading

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