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Gondola Stuff: Puzzle Gondola

Isn’t it adorable? I bought this little gondola this summer at Signor Blum’s at Campo San Barnaba. They come in many colors and are all made by hand. I don’t really understand how the pieces fit so snugly together–How do … Continue reading

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Sharing: “Like Walking on Water”

Check out this great pair of kicks, Venetian styling! (For those who don’t hang around teens and shoe aficionados, “kicks” refers to shoes.) I’m sharing this blog post from VeneziaBlog, featuring these amazing gondola-inspired shoes designed by Rolando Segalin and … Continue reading

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Prepared to Hate

I was prepared to hate it. Crass commercialism. The death of a historical building. And instead I found a better outlook, and I don’t just mean the spectacular view of the Grand Canal and Venice’s rooftops. I adjusted my own … Continue reading

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