View Through (5)

Sometimes the view through is accompanied by an artist’s statement.
Brick wall through brick wall
Disco ball through glass window. (Okay, I fudged this one a little, but I am biased towards disco balls.)
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Coach Me, Casanova!

Well, don’t coach ME, Casanova! It’s actually the name of a new novel by New Yorker Roger Feuerman. Here’s the description:

“Can a dating zero become a romantic hero? All I had to do was fall into a different century. “Okay, my name is Jason Tryon, I’m a 21st century college freshman. I’m mastering in robotics, but when it comes to ladies, I’m a master of disaster.So, after another crushing rejection, (who’s counting) I needed a break and went to Venice to try to keep my love from sinking. Instead, I fell off a gondola and was really sinking until I was pulled to the surface by a man in a carnival mask…Casanova! And, unbelievably, he also seemed to have pulled me into the 18th century. Hey, I’m no dummy, I’m now in the city of sexy signorinas. And maybe, just maybe, this legend can transform me from a lovable loser into a babe magnet. So, please, Coach me Casanova.”

Roger reached out to me during his writing process to talk about Casanova’s life in Venice, so I got to see this book as Roger developed it. It’s a fun, flirty, romp in an imagined universe where Casanova coaches a modern-day protégé. Roger wrote a wildly creative chapter for First Spritz Is Free where he sat down for coffee at Caffé Florian with Attila the Hun. Roger has a way with dialogue, and his puns and wordplay often make me smile. Here’s Roger’s author page where you can find more information.

Here’s Roger on a recent trip to Venice where he got to walk the calli that his protagonist walked!

Author Gregory Dowling also helped Roger out with some details about 18th century life. They’ve met up a few times when Roger could be in Venice. Here they are sharing a spritz in Campo Santa Margherita. Gregory wrote one of the reviews on the back cover of Coach Me, Casanova.

Roger shared this fun thought recently via email: “My book starts in 1775 after Casanova’s memoir ends in 1774. Though we’ll never know, maybe he did take on a protégé. He was one to keep secrets.”

You can find Coach Me, Casanova on Amazon. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Venetian Emoji #16

Sucking on a lemon makes my mouth look like this!

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View Through (4)

Sometimes things look smaller when viewed through other things.
Shutter closed, shutter open.
There seems to be a theme here.
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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #11

Seen near Rio Marin in Santa Croce on the roll-down barriers–only at night, because when the shop is open, you can’t see the art!

The gondoliers actually work at this corner. I wonder if they appreciate or are sick of seeing this image daily?

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View Through (3)

Blue thing through two doors

Three more photos in the series of viewing things through things.

Viewing a not blue thing through a blue thing. (The not blue thing is me. Or actually a mirror.)
Viewing floor through stairs.
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Dear Venice: Wish You Were Here #21

This is a view I don’t see often on vintage postcards: The Rio dei Mendicanti as it opens into Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo. You can see the hospital on the right, and straight down the canal, it opens into the northern lagoon and then to the islands of San Michele and Murano.

This postcard has a lovely view of a gondola in the foreground that has a cloth felze covering the seats. Sent on August 13, the only message is “Giovanni.” I have to admit that I’m not very good at reading the postal stamp and divining the year, but I’m sure one of you can help me out! I did learn recently that postcards with white borders, like this one, were usually printed between 1915 and 1930. This was because postcards were printed in big sheets, and any colors at the edge could leak onto the bordering card, so the white border was added to prevent the overlap and leakage.

When I tried to discern the address, it was a bit tricky, but after mapping it I believe it is 18906 35th Avenue, Flushing, New York. Here’s the house, which Redfin estimates as being worth about $1.5 million. Mrs. La Spina would be a wealthy home owner, and Giovanni might be quite pleased!

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Where the Water Goes

The pozzo at Palazzo Donà

This summer while visiting some Biennale locations, I stopped in at Palazzo Donà in Campo San Polo. In this case I was more interested in the palace and its courtyard, as I saw something I hadn’t seen before. Notice how a drainage gutter has been carved into the step. This allows water to drain off to the side rather than cascade down the steps. Pretty ingenious!

The view from above, looking at the drainage area on the step.
The same step with a view that is more straight on.
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View Through (2)

Through to San Giorgio Maggiore

Continuing my series of viewing things through things.

Through to the diners
Through door and window both
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Three Venice Crime Authors at Studium Tomorrow (or Today, Depending where you are!)

I just learned that on Thursday, October 13 at 6:00 pm in Venice, three writers will be discussing their work at Libreria Studium in Venice. It will also be live streamed on Facebook for those who can’t attend. As you can see from the flyer, Gregory Dowling Philip Gwynne Jones, and David Hewson, who all write crime in Venice novels, will be discussing their work. I’m proud to say that Philip and Gregory have both contributed to my anthologies. Lucky me! (And lucky you, to their readers!)

Most excellent writing by all three! I’ll be at work in my California time zone, but I hope I can see the recording afterwards.

(And while you’re in Studium, you can find my books for sale there too! I’m so proud to be in such good company.)

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