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Sneaking into Casanova’s House Again!

My friend Manuel, who lives in Venice, gained access to Casanova’s final house, the place where he lived before he had to leave Venice forever in 1782. This is on Barbaria de le Tole, house #6673, behind the church of … Continue reading

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Want to Self-Publish?

Interested in self-publishing? I’ll be making ¬†presentation next Tuesday, April 1, at the Rose Garden branch of the San Jose Library, from 6:30 to 7:30. Come find out about all the steps–from creating a book, formatting options, printing, marketing, and … Continue reading

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Masked Dancers

Did you see these two during Carnevale this year? First they were spotted in Campo SS Apostoli. How audacious! They just set down their music, took off their clothes, and danced! The taller one danced with a veil. They were … Continue reading

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Pirates Pillage Venice!

Breaking News! This Carnevale Season, a band of nine pirates marauded through Venice’s calli e campi,¬†attacking innocent bystanders with their cutlasses and then pouring rum down their throats. Their leader, Captain Redbeard, was overheard snarling, “Ahoy, me mateys! We be … Continue reading

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Seduction Sells Coffee

Found in the window of a (closed) shop on Via Garibaldi. Part of my occasional series of the marketing of Casanova. And furthermore, the marketing of Casanova for Carnevale. Seduction sells party tickets, if not coffee!

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From the City of Water to the City of Cats

Next event–Los Gatos! My last book signing was in Venice a couple weeks ago, and this week I’ll be at Village House of Books in Los Gatos on Friday, March 7. It’s a wonderful, new, independent bookstore in downtown … Continue reading

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Ideas Dislocated in the Crowd

“In the evening there generally is on St. Mark’s place, such a mixed multitude of Jews, Turks, and Christians; lawyers, knaves, and pick-pockets; mountebanks, old women and physicians; women of quality with masks; strumpets barefaced; and, in short, such a … Continue reading

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