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Population Curiosities

While doing research recently on the Black Death that visited Venice in 1630-1631, I came across some interesting population statistics. Venice kept very good census records and categorized them in various ways. People were classified as nobili (the nobility or … Continue reading

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A Little Dream of Venice Past

Have you ever wondered what Venice, that tourist destination so often clogged with crowds, looked like before such crowds swelled to over 12 million every year? This film gives you a glimpse of Venice in 1940, the canals and campi … Continue reading

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In Memoriam–The Steaming Lady

176 years ago today, Marina Querini Benzon died. She is the subject of the famous song “La Biondina in Gondoleta” about a languorous blond with her lover, floating down the canals. She was quite a liberated woman for the late … Continue reading

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