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In the film Despicable Me, the lead character revels in being despicable. I, however, will be blogging today about being pretentious. (You can decide if I’m reveling or merely revealing.) I had spent part of this morning (and much of … Continue reading

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Window Dressing

Window Dressing

Here’s my book appearing in a different Venetian bookstore. Alas, they no longer carry it, but it was exciting while it lasted!

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Gondolas Aren’t Only for People

In the Castello district, a little north of Campo Santa Maria Formosa, is a lovely little bookstore called Libreria Acqua Alta. It’s got books piled on every surface, including an overflowing gondola. In fact, most of the books in the … Continue reading

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Venetophile or Venetianist?

I’ve started reading The War of the Fists by Robert C. Davis about the battles that Venetians used to wage atop their bridges. The city divided into factions–the Castellani and the Nicolotti, with subgroups within those. Originally, fights, bullbaiting, religious ceremonies, festivals, … Continue reading

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Venice Sister

A couple months ago I got an online order for my book Free Gondola Ride. I contacted the buyer, Vonda, to let her know that the book was on its way, and then I discovered that she had heard about … Continue reading

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New Website

Please check out my new author website: Let me know what you think–I can edit as needed. 🙂

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Website Coming Soon!

I’m working on a website for myself as an author–should be live soon! Bet you can’t guess where the background picture is from…. Maybe this one?:

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Howdy, Australia!

Thank you to my new readers Down Under! Hope you’re enjoying the blog.

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Secret Venice Response!

A few blogs back I mentioned the book Secret Venice. I wrote to the authors to share a few of my fav secret things about Venice–and also couldn’t help asking if he would be interested in publishing my Casanova book! Jonglez … Continue reading

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Venice Bucket List

Recently, I’ve been checking out a blog called Bucket List Publication ( Lesley made a bucket list of things, big and small, that she wants to see, accomplish, do, and so on. And then she decided to help others achieve … Continue reading

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