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Moses Theater

The Teatro San Moise used to sit here, on the Grand Canal. It was a small theater, never large enough for the crowds it drew. You see, this was the prime neighborhood for entertainment. Gondolas would drop off their passengers nearby … Continue reading

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Bookshop First!

I’m happy to announce that Bookshop Santa Cruz in California is the first bookstore to carry my book, Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps. It’ll be in their local authors section as well as the travel section. They sold my first … Continue reading

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Click on this link to see a post by my  friend Greg, president of the Gondola Society of America. It’s titled, “How Much is that Marinera in the Window?” Reflections Reveal the Photographer The photos are by RJ, my partner, from our … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Florian’s

You know how Holly Golightly always peers into the windows of Tiffany’s, wanting what she can’t have and can’t afford? That’s kind of how I felt for years, going to Venice, walking through the Piazza, gazing at the multitudes sitting … Continue reading

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Gondolier on a Stick Click on this link to see sharks in Venice! Sherman’s Lagoon comic strip recently visited the city.

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The Birth House Question Continues

Hello readers! I realized after posting my last entry, that I included an error. The funny thing is, my book Seductive Venice is accurate, but when I was walking Walk #6 in Venice, I didn’t re-read the entry and made a … Continue reading

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Sneaking into Casanova’s House!

My partner RJ pushed at the door with a fingertip–and it swung open! We were in the unlit foyer of Casanova’s house! A couple weeks ago when I was in Venice, I was walking the tours in my book to … Continue reading

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View the Vid!

s:// Please share this video with all your networks! It’s a teaser of what you can find in my Venice guidebook, Seductive Venice, a romp through the Venice Casanova loved in, gambled in, spied in, partied in, dined in, and … Continue reading

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What They Don’t Tell You About Da Fiore

Real silver silverwear. Unique, signed water glasses handmade in Murano. The ceiling is ugly. The menu for women has no prices on it. The three kinds of bread are all made in-house. They won’t take away your partner’s last plate … Continue reading

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Random Card Haiku

Silly brown lion Just because cherries are red Does not make them meat This is the haiku RJ wrote in the Frankfurt airport based on the cards “lion” and “cherries.” We found a set of tiny child’s cards with pictures … Continue reading

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