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Quiz Time!

For you lovers of Casanova, or Venice, or Seductive Venice, it’s time for another quiz! I included a quiz in my book and on a previous blog and also at my presentations–so why not have another? And I’m offering a … Continue reading

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Action Man!

The prettily wrapped gift sat on my pillow when I walked into the bedroom. I called out, “What’s this on my pillow?!” so my partner RJ would hear me from the other room. He came in to watch me unwrap … Continue reading

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The Music Swells

I had email today from my friend Summer, who is in Venice right now. She had the risotto at Da Romano on Burano. She had a spritz con Aperol. She’s staying at the Hotal Ca’ Bragadin Carabba, next to Casanova’s … Continue reading

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Kiss the Forehead and Grab the Butt

I can’t believe it took me so long to post this link! Long time readers will remember that I mentioned Cat Bauer’s blog post about helping to line up a gondolier for a Singapore TV show called Jobs Around the … Continue reading

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Little Old Man Club

Old Italian men like to hang out. Drink wine. Buy wine for others. Play the accordion. Both in both Italy and California, apparently. Last Friday night, the Italian American Heritage Foundation (IAHF) invited me back again to one of their … Continue reading

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