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Lori’s Enoteca

Hope you like the new theme and new image! This is sort of a welcome to my new readers. Thank you all for checking out the site. We even had hits from Italy and India! And Great Britain’s going crazy … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Rejection

Some say that offal smells sweet. I say it just smells awful–as does rejection. I should know, after collecting more rejection letters this week from literary agents. Some of the more heinous and famous rejection letters include this one for Anne … Continue reading

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Here’s a link to the Italian American Heritage Society. What a nice bunch of people! And they like wine. And here’s a link to Pamela’s website where you can see her photos of Venice and Burano. She’s writing a … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Last Saturday I walked a few blocks from my house (stopping along the way at the local homeless shelter to give them most of the 20 cucumbers I had picked that day!) to the Italian Family Festa sponsored by our … Continue reading

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Seduction, Venice, and an Apple–qeLSOg

I searched “seductive venice” to see if my sites came up, and they did–thank you to all who’ve been clicking away on them! But this ad also came up. Huh? Anyone know more about Kanzi? Yes, I know I could do a search on it, but I’d rather hear your stories. Were you traveling in another country and bought a Kanzi? Did you meet Kanzi at an art exhibit? Did Kanzi seduce you, or maybe throw an apple at your head? Please share.

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Pinocchio in Venice…

…is the name of the book I started reading this week. It’s by Robert Coover. It starts out with a sentence that is worthy of Faulkner, eleven lines long. I was going to type it out for you here, but … Continue reading

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Getting Close!

Last Friday Bob finished the final map for Seductive Venice! The woohoo could be heard around the block. I’m doing the final formatting for and should be able to e-publish in the next few weeks! Casanova can be in … Continue reading

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The Sands of Time…

My friend Piero sent this link to a sand sculpture contest held at Iesolo, an island near Venice (generally known as the place to go dancing, because, Lord knows, Venice ain’t the place for a hopping nightclub to get your … Continue reading

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What He Said

I have a little collection of fun things Casanova said. Here are a few: “I like to do good at the expense of my money,” he wrote, “but not at the expense of my freedom” (Vol. 3, 100). About Countess … Continue reading

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Pizza Party!

There’s a group in Venice–40xVenezia–made up of locals and others who wish to help preserve the traditions of the Venetian community. It sprang up a few years ago, probably in response to the ever-increasing numbers of tourists and the descriptions … Continue reading

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